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    Reduce Pressure


    假设你们班要在下星期一举行题为"The Ways for Students to Relax"的`班会故事追梦作文,请结合报道的内容。用英语写一篇80字左右的发言材料。


    1. 简要介绍造成现在学生学习压力大的原因。

    2. 你认为来自于English Online调查结果的放松方式是否有效追梦作文,为什么?


    Dear fellows,

    Not only adults but also we students often feel stressed because we have too much homework to do, and we are very busy studying every day, we don’t have our own time to do what we are interested in. We are very tired and sleepy all day, so we should learn to deal with it. What should we do to relax?

    From the result of the survey, I think doing sports with classmates is a good way to relax. Because it’s good for our health and it can make us relaxed.

    I also have three ways to relax ourselues. First, we can listen to music. Second, we can go to the movies with our parents on weekends. Don’t study at home all the weekend. Third, when we feel tired, we can think about something interesting.

    I hope my suggestions can help you.Thanks!

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